Hammered Copper Chain Necklace



Your wife is one of a kind, and when it’s time to show her how you feel on your anniversary, you should pick a piece of jewelry as truly unique as she is. The Hammered Copper Chain Necklace is the perfect choice because of its beautiful style and elegant simplicity. Because the necklace is handmade, no two are completely identical in terms of their details, making each one unique like her. The necklace features small and large circular copper links and oval copper links, and the combination of different sizes and shapes gives it an eye-catching look.

Measuring 20 inches in size, the Hammered Copper Chain Necklace is covered with a coating that will protect it from the air and prevent tarnishing in coming years. The necklace features a very pleasing texture due to the hammering done to each individual link before the necklace was assembled. Finished with an open hook clasp, the necklace can be adjusted for length. A black gift box is provided.


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