Copper Bark Band Ring



The two of you love nature nearly as much as you love each other. Perhaps you like to hike or camp together and walk or sleep amidst the tall oaks and pines. Perhaps your favorite vacation is to your forest cabin where you relax with one another and enjoy the splendor of the wilderness. Perhaps you simply sit on your porch and admire the woods beyond. You have your own story, but whatever is contained in its chapters, this Copper Bark Band Ring will make a lovely gift for her when you turn over the page and celebrate another anniversary.

Hand textured to give the 3/16-inch ring the look of real tree bark, the Copper Bark Band Ring is hallmarked and comes in a stylish black gift box. The ring is uncoated, so it may turn in the coming years. The standard size for the ring is 8, but we can craft a piece in any size from 5 to 13 in whole, half and quarter increments. Please allow three additional days.

  • ¬†This Copper Bark Band Ring¬†Shank is 4mm (3/16 inches) in Width.
  • Available in ring size 8.
  • Other Sizes Available – Allow 3 days.
  • Hallmarked – Copper.
  • 100% Uncoated Copper – Might Tarnish Over Time.
  • Copper ring comes in a black gift box.
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