7mm Copper Bark Band Ring



Over the years, some of your best memories made together have taken place in the outdoors. For your anniversary, show her you remember all those walks through the woods, those picnics in the forest or those camping trips deep into the heart of the wilderness with this 7mm Copper Bark Band Ring. A celebration of nature and of love, this lovely anniversary band ring has been hand textured to make its surface resemble the bark of a great tree. Over time, the ring may begin to take on a patina, adding to its beauty with rich color, as the genuine copper is left uncoated.

The 7mm Copper Bark Band Ring measures 1/4-inch in width. Presented in a black gift box, this ring is the perfect way to mark an anniversary with any nature lover. Hallmarked with “copper” to attest to its authenticity, the ring is available as a size 10 standard. Additional whole, half and quarter sizes from 5 to 13 are available. Please allow three extra days for delivery.

  • ¬†This Copper Bark Band Ring¬†Shank is 7mm (1/4 inch) in Width.
  • Available in ring size 10.
  • Other Sizes Available – Allow 3 days.
  • Hallmarked – Copper.
  • 100% Uncoated Copper – Might Tarnish Over Time.
  • Copper ring comes in a black gift box.
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