At Copper Anniversary Gifts, you’ll find a vast array of beautiful copper earrings, which are perfect for your wife’s 7th wedding anniversary gift!

Tradition holds that you should give your spouse a gift that’s made of copper and a gift that’s made of wool on your seventh wedding anniversary. Wool is easy, but copper is a bit more difficult, as most copper items don’t make great gifts. Most women won’t appreciate a penny, copper wiring or copper piping. But these beautiful copper earrings are sure to fit the bill!

Crafted by John S. Brana, these handmade copper earrings come an array of different textures and styles, from sleek and simple designs, to more elaborate nature-inspired copper earrings that have been meticulously worked into the form of a lily pad, leaf or feathers.

If she enjoys a splash of color, a pair of copper earrings with a splash of color from carnelian or amazonite will make for the perfect 7th anniversary gift for her!
Or opt for a pair of chased copper hoop earrings or our copper chandelier drop earrings (and don’t forget to browse our selection of matching bracelets and necklaces!)

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