Q) How long do Backorders take?

A) Usually under 3 business days.  Once your order is place, we will email with an estimated ship date, which in most cases is 3 business days or less.

 Q) What is the best way to keep my Copper Jewelry looking nice and shiny?

A) The best method to keep your copper jewelry nice and shiny (just like the day you received it), is to store it in a re-sealable plastic bag or jewelry case with anti-tarnish paper.  Make sure your jewelry is clean and moisture free before storing. 

  •     Do not expose copper jewelry (especially patinated copper jewelry) to water or any type of solvent
  •     Remove all jewelry before showering or bathing
  •     Do not wear jewelry while swimming (chlorine and salt will permanently damage copper and/or patina and will void our returns policy).

When you receive any of our copper jewelry featured on CopperAnniversaryGifts.com, the piece has been initially treated with a durable protective coating to provide you with the easiest care possible.  Exceptions would be rings. Due to their exposure to extensive wear and tear, we do not coat many of our rings (which are stated as such on each product listing).

If you should find the need to bring back luster to any piece of jewelry, the best method is to use a jewelry polishing cloth that can be easily purchased at most jewelry stores, online, and at many drugstores.  A jewelry polishing cloth can last for years.  For those more delicate pieces, have a professional jeweler steam clean or use an ultrasonic cleaner.  Don’t attempt to clean the piece yourself, especially if set with a gemstone(s).  Gems are easily damaged by ultrasonic cleaners, so you could end up with a worthless gemstone by trying to save a few bucks by doing things yourself.  When in doubt, take your jewelry to a professional.  At any point in time, you can mail any of our featured designs back to us for a free cleaning.

 Q) Why does Copper turn your skin green?

Copper is a metal that, when comes in contact with other elements, causes reactions. In short, this is the reason why copper turns your skin green.

Copper is a popular choice among jewelry collectors, not just because of its exotic look but also because of its healing properties. One thing that puts many people off from investing in this jewelry is the “green problem”. What many people don’t know is that it is normal, and, is not, in any way, harmful to your health. The green color will faint away once you stop wearing them.

Q) What is Copper?

Copper is a natural chemical element found on the earth. For jewelry making, it is not used in its natural state though. It needs to be refined first to be used in jewelry, cookware, wiring etc. It is favored by many because of its impressive ability to conduct electricity, and its malleability and ductility features. When copper comes in contact with other chemicals or metals, a patina is formed on its surface.

Oxidation is the most common reaction that happens with copper. For oxidation to occur, copper has to come in contact with air. This causes copper to darken. If it comes in contact with salt water as well, a blue green patina will be formed.

Q) So how does Copper make your skin turn green?

As everyone knows, humans sweat. This sweat is acidic in nature; and just like the chemicals in shampoos, soaps, body lotions etc, sweat reacts with copper as well. It is this reaction between sweat and copper that causes a green patina to appear on the copper’s surface which then gets transferred onto your skin. How long it takes for the green to form depends upon every individual’s biochemical makeup. The intensity of the green is also varied. In fact, some people’s skin might not turn green at all.