Welcome to Copper Anniversary Gifts, your source for a vast array of copper jewelry items for your 7th wedding anniversary!

According to tradition, you should celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary with wool and copper anniversary gifts.

At Copper Anniversary Gifts, you’ll find an array of beautiful handmade jewelry items made from copper, perfect for anyone seeking a great 7th anniversary gift idea for her! ┬áVisit https://www.ilovecopperjewelry.com for more copper jewelry.

All of our copper jewelry items are hand crafted by designer John S. Brana. Brana specializes in a wide range of different metalworking techniques including chasing, fold forming, corrugation, hammering, texturizing and more. You’ll also find a selection of beautiful patinated copper jewelry items, which are specially treated to create a patina in colors such as red, black, green and blue.

Brana’s jewelry designs are inspired by nature, so you’ll find lots of beautifully organic designs, textures and forms, inspired by leaves, lily pads, tree bark, flowers and other designs that she’s sure to love when she opens your gift on your 7th wedding anniversary!

Browse our selection of copper jewelry items, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings — the perfect gift idea for your 7th wedding anniversary!

Now, to find something made of wool…..